Handmade stories–Blue Pottery

Handmade stories–Blue Pottery

July 21, 2020

The term ‘Blue Pottery’ comes from the brilliantly bright Persian blue dye used to dye the ceramic.It is the only pottery in the world which does not uses clay in its ingredients. Blue pottery products are made out of an Egyptian paste which is composed of powdered glass, quartz stone powder, borax, multani mitti (fuller’s earth) and water.

The making starts with the moulding of dough as per the desired requirements. When the dough acquires the needed shape as of moulds it is left to dry for one or two days. After the finishing is done with brass stone, sandpaper and water.
Then come the designing process where various kinds of animal or flower motifs are drawn. The solution which is used for designing is a mixture of copper oxide and gum and thus it gains its blue colour because of copper oxide. Once the paint is dried glazing is done.

Paint glaze is achieved by mixing powdered glass, zinc oxide, borax, potassium nitrate, boric acid in maida(flour) and water. At last, they are fired at low temperature in a brick kiln for 4 hours and are then kept for cooling for the following few days.Blue colour, derived from cobalt oxide, green derived from copper oxide and white, other non-conventional colors, such as yellow and brown adorn this pottery kind.The traditional patterns and motifs in blue pottery are of Persian origins. The craftsmen have developed contemporary patterns too including floral, geometric designs, animals, birds as well as many deities like Goddess ‘Durga’ and Lord ‘Ganesh’.Blue Pottery took an interesting route in finding its home in Jaipur. His highness Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II once attended a kite flying session and watched two brothers from Achnera bring down the royal kites of his kite masters. Intrigued, he found the secret; they were potters by profession and had coated their strings with the same blue green glass that they used for their pots. Sawai Ram Singh II was impressed so he invited the brothers to stay in Jaipur and teach this unique form of glazed pottery at his new art school.

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