Play with colours!!!!

Play with colours!!!!

January 20, 2017

Research shows that children are happiest with toys that are simple, have child friendly contours and provide a natural feel and texture that they enjoy. A simple wooden block like animals,nature,letters set or other educational toys can fire your 3 year old’s or younger one’s imagination for hours. The Center for Early Childhood Education at Eastern Connecticut State University released the results of its 2011 TIMPANI (Toy to Inspire Mindful Play and Nurture Imagination) study. In the words of the study’s principal researcher, “Basic, open-ended toys tend to be more beneficial to children’s play and learning than some of the more elaborate and commercial toys that are on the market.”

Yet, today parents often end up buying sophisticated gizmos and gadgets in the belief that their child will be left behind in the great brain race if they do not. These toys are often menu driven and unidirectional, hampering a child’s creativity, imagination and curiosity. They do not allow for experimentation.

Toys with batteries, buttons and scripts lead you to the same pre-determined results over and over again. If you have watched a child play with blocks and convert them into everything from castles, homes, furniture, cars, to rockets, you will agree with Einstein who said “Logic will take you from A-Z but imagination will take you everywhere”.

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